Macron to merge EU idea with certainty of German politics

France’s leader Macron would endeavor to wed the proposed plan towards the European continent in the midst of a truth for Germany’s governmental issues...

Pence refutes New York Times article on presidency ambition and tags it ‘disgraceful’

VP Pence had made a concrete denial in opposition to the media statement recommending his intentions as well as groundwork foundation to the conceivable...

God is fully in support of launching an attack against North Korea – Trump...

A pastor serving on Trump’s evangelical advisory team has proclaimed that God supports the president to attack North Korea. Right wing pastor cites bible passage...

Stephen Colbert unusually praises Trump after the shooting

The Late Show host, Stephen Colbert speaks about President Trump. Oddly, Colbert kicked off his show on a serious way and talked about the...

Clinton advocates for a united fight amidst Portland attacks

Previous U.S Secretary-General Hillary Clinton on earlier this week made a case for spiritual solidarity following a presumed despised wrongdoing killing which rocked Portland...

US Air Strikes: Deadliest Death Toll for Syrian Civilians To Date

Air raids on Syria led by the US and its coalition partners have caused the most death toll of civilians since the bombing campaign...


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Kimberly Ellis demands for review of Cali Democrat polls

Democrat manager Kimberley Elli, loser of the Californian Democratic poll with a tiny gap, last weekend queried the authenticity of the polls while calling...

Senate battles over health law

As congress sits to take a decision on healthcare, McCornell assigns Republican Party members to taskforce assigned to produce the documentation. Currently it is congress’...

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un And States His Wishes To Meet Under The Right...

By now, the new president of the United States of America has managed to win the title of the most controversial and contentious head...

According To Several Reports, The US Military Targeted A Mosque In Syria Which Killed...

The US military stated that it carried an attack on March 17 in Aleppo, Syria which targeted an al-Qaeda members’ meeting. However, the locals and...

Nikki Haley Disturbed By Reports Claiming The Murder And Torture Of Chechen Gay Men...

Nikki Haley, the US’ ambassador to the UN, said that reports of gay men being detained, tortured and killed in Chechnya cannot be ignored by...