30 killed in ethnic clashes in DR Congo


At least 30 indigenous Pygmies were killed in an attack by members of the ethnic Bantu majority in the northern part of Katanga region southern the Democratic Republic of Congo, a source said Wednesday.

Bienvenu Kalunga, the head of the NGO Coalition of Indigenous Peoples, said that Bantu members had attacked Nyunzu locality in Katanga with blunt weapons, killing 30 members of the Pygmy minority and then escaped.

Bantus are yet to comment on the attack.

“We feel sorry for such an attack,” Kalunga said, going on to call for intervention of the Congolese army UN troops.

The Congolese army said, meanwhile, that it did not plan to take any action against the attack.

“The army prefers not to resort to force at present,” army chief of staff Gen. Kifwa told The Anadolu Agency.

He said the army would wait until negotiations between Bantus and Pygmies come against a hard wall.

“Using force at the present time will only increase the number of victims,” he added.

The UN mission in Congo known as MONUSCO has not reacted to the attack yet.

Mission head Martin Kobler has recently vowed to work to bring an end to conflicts in the southern region and to deploy a large number of troops in the region, home to more than 5,000 refugees now.