50 New Emoji for Your iPhone


Emoji has become a new way of life. It is a way to say anything, without saying anything. You can share a “party hat with confetti”, and people know that there is a celebration. Sometimes, that’s all you need to send to say “Happy Birthday”. Or, it is a great addition. Because, just sending words has gotten dull. You can still say, “I love you” and get a positive response. But, what if you take that comment and add the emoji that has the couple kissing? You just stole their heart. Sometimes, you don’t even need the words; just the emoji will do. Add a rose emoji and a heart, then someone is getting a little love tonight.

It is obvious that we get bored with things very fast. This is one reason new products are released, annually, if not sooner. Every year, there is a new generation of the iPhone. And, along with the iPhone are new emoji. Let’s ‘face it’. You get tired of the same emoji also. When is the last you post a simple smiley face emoji? Nowadays, it has red cheeks or there is even one that is sitting on the top of its head, smiling, because it is so happy. This why we constantly receive new emoji from the Unicode Consortium.

Recently, the Unicode Consortium proposed to add an additional 51 new emoji for Unicode 10. On the Emojipedia site, some of the new emoji will be a vampire, starry-eyed face, a “shh” face (when you want to say shut up in a nice way), a bearded man, and even breastfeeding!! You’ll also have the option of sharing coconuts, pretzels, and broccoli. If you want to make someone’s day, it says that there will be a yoga and a sauna emoji, which provides a peaceful setting.