6-Year-Old Girl Dies After Doctor Refuses To Treat Her


Utah mother Linda Fullerton lost her daughter, age 6, after hospital refuses to test her for E.coli

Linda Fullerton took her daughter Gabriella to the Dixie Regional Medical Center after she started showing symptoms of diarrhea and stomach pains. Eight days later, Gabriella was dead.

This may seem like an overreaction to such common symptoms, but Fullerton and her daughter, along with her boyfriend and his three children, lived in Hildale – a complex which had once been a large home but was then divided into an apartment.

Six cases of E. coli among children have been confirmed in Hildale, one fatal. Linda described the complex as being filthy, having seen some occupants throw used diapers into the yard.

Fullerton believed she had contracted E.coli herself after babysitting a young boy with diarrhea and stomach pains, and passed it on to her daughter.

However, when she brought her daughter to Dixie Regional, explaining that a child from her area had already died of E.coli, doctors refused to run tests on her.

“The doctor actually rolled his eyes at me and would not test her,” Fullerton said.

Linda Fullerton “devastated” that Dixie Regional staff took her concerns as a “joke”

Gabrielle was taken to Dixie Regional once again by her paternal grandmother, after picking the girl up and seeing that she was once again complaining of diarrhea and generally weak and lethargic.

Staff members took a culture, but sent Gabriella and her grandmother home before the results arrived.

Fullerton decided to seek care elsewhere, and was on the war to Cedar City Hospital when a staff member from Dixie Regional called and told Linda the results for E.coli were positive. Staff in Cedar City immediately arranged for an ambulance to collect Gabriella.

Unfortunately, by the time Gabriella was taken into care at Primary Children’s Hospital, her condition began rapidly deteriorating and she died early Friday morning.

A spokeswoman for Dixie Regional stated she could not comment on Gabriella’s case due to medical privacy laws.

Fullerton has recovered from her E.coli. The conditions of the three others who contracted the bacteria are unknown.