A budget deal reached in New Jersey ahead of the July 4 celebrations


The tourists and the residents of the New Jersey who were set to enjoy the beaches started with a rough one, but the new budget deal has made it possible for the beaches to open again.

Gov. Chris Christie disclosed the deadlock that arose from the inability of the negotiators to reach an agreement on Friday Midnight would cause the shutdown of different government activities and most of the state’s services such as parks, beaches, and vehicle office.

Roots of the impasse

The rift between the Assembly Speaker, Vincent Prieto and the Republican governor is an outcome of Christie’s demand that more control over the state’s highest health insurer should be given to the governor’s office.

The New York Times reported that Mr. Christie had asked that the health insurer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield return more than $300 million from its reserves, but failed to approve the whole budget without a distinct Horizon bill.
Following the discussions with the two house leaders, governor’s office and the meetings held on Monday with Robert A. Marino, the CEO of Horizon, the bill was revised, and the legislative leaders with the governor accepted it.

The first case of New Jersey shut down was in 2006, and this is the second time of such happening. Regardless of the closure, it was noted that Christie family would have a good time at the governor’s summer house located at the Island Beach State Park. The Governor said that it might not seem fair, but his family needs no service while they are there.

The controversial Christie’s family picture

It would have been a soft one not until the photos of Gov Christie and family showed up online – making waves and headlines in local news organizations and social media. The Asbury Park Press called out on Christie’s act and referred to a directive by the governor in 2011 when Hurricane Irene was coming.

In Christie’s statement, he detested those relaxing in the Asbury Park, indicating that they should leave the beach as they were done, and it was 4:30.