A new investment in the wine tourism center by the brocard kin in burgundy


The Brocard family is a top name in the wine tourism in Burgundy, as well the highest owner of vast vineyards in Chablis. They have just completed the renovation of their iconic estate with an investment worth €3 million in a bid to make it fit for their future visitors.

The Brocard family has been bent on ecological strategies for over 20 years now, and as such, has embarked on this current investment to portray its value and meet up with the needs and desires of the fast-growing public. Having many thousands of visitors each year, the Brocard family is not relenting in the pursuit for the renovation of this wine tourism, and the renovated project is planned to be inaugurated on May 2017.

Julien Brocard in his statement made it clear that they needed to give the traditional wine tourism which primarily aimed at wine collection, tasting and vines an entirely new look. There are mainly two types of people who visit the estate, for the first set of individuals, they have carved for them a new space that is warm and entertaining without compromising expertise, tasting and knowledge. These first round of persons are those who are in love with the Brocard family wines ranging from the biodynamic wines of Domaine des 7 Lieux to the Chablis by Jean-Marc Brocard. The second group of the estate visitors is those who wish to dig deep into the world of wines in a bid to explore more. These people are mainly firms that applaud the wine culture and values of the Brocard family. Also, those who want to pull their teams together in a discovery scene visit the estate.

With the aim of satisfying the above-mentioned group of visitors, the investment is aimed at building new rooms for the reception that can accommodate both private and corporate customers. In fact, several other offers are being included to satisfy customers from every part of the world as well grant them memorable and unique experience. The design employed in this investment will cater for everyone, ranging from those who want to experience a simple tasting session to people who are on an initiatory journey.

About the Brocard family

Since 1973, the estate has been into wine production with every wine optimised to offer the untapped power of nature. The property is located in the centre of the Chablis region and works with undivided attention to product quality. Domaine Jean-Marc is a virtuoso of Chablis who expresses the abundance of the terroir with strict organic agriculture. There is no denying that the estate has gained a worldwide popularity because of its prioritisation of quality and love for unique and authentic wine.