An AMBER Alert Was Issued For Missing 6-Year-Old Girl, Father Suspected in Kidnapping After Murders


Connecticut State police just issued an Amber Alert today for a girl, 6 years old, from Bridgeport who is assumed to have been taken by her father and currently somewhere in the Bronx, New York.

Her father, Oscar O. Hernandez, is wanted for an alleged double stabbing that killed the young girl’s mother last night at around 2:45am, according to authorities.

The father is believe to have fled with Aylin Sofia Hernandez early morning Friday, after police said the stabbing occurred. He is believed to have killed two women at a home 69 Greenwood St. early on Friday.


One victim, who police assume is the child’s mother, 26 years old, has died as a result of the stabbing injuries. The other person, a friend of the family, is currently in critical condition and expects to survive.

They believe Hernandez and his daughter are in a grey Hyundai Sonata, a four-door, with a licence plate labelled “AG91925”. The New York police department mistakenly described his vehicle as a Hyundai Elantra carrying NY plates.

The Child

Aylin Sofia Hernandez stands four feet tall, weighing around 55 pounds. She has black hair, and her father is of Hispanic decent, short brown hair, and brown eyes.

Police pinged Oscar Hernandez’s mobile phone around the Bronx region at around 4:30 am, where he police continue to believe he is located.


Police say he had last been seen while traveling in the Bronx neighbourhood, over 50 miles away from the original stabbing scene.

Police had been spotted nearby on the Louis Nine Boulevard, where a super in the building stated Hernandez might have used a phone early on Friday. If he had, police did not catch it on their surveillance video.