An Eclipse, Snow Moon and Comet will All Happen At the Same Time This Weekend


You can spot an eclipse, a full “snow moon” and a comet at the same time between Friday night and Saturday morning.

The eclipse and snow moon will be happening on Friday evening and the comet at 3am on Saturday.

Between Friday night and Saturday morning, a lunar eclipse, a full snow moon and a comet will be happening at the same time.

The Lunar Eclipse and Snow Moon

The lunar eclipse will appear during the full moon on Friday evening. The three types of lunar eclipses are: total, partial and penumbral.

The one we’re expecting on Friday is penumbral, which is when the moon is completely immerse in the penumbral cone of the Earth- meaning the sun, moon and earth all line up, casting a strange effect on the moon. This also means it is the most difficult one to spot.

According to EarthSky: “At best, at mid-eclipse, very observant people will notice a dark shading on the moon’s face.” The moon will be called a “snow moon,” referring to the fact that it’s the first full moon of February- as February typically has heavy snow.

The Comet

An unusual green comet, Comet 45P, will also appear at around 3am ET on Saturday morning. The comet is reportedly making a “close pass” to Earth, at about 7.4 million miles away.

The comet will be moving through the Hercules constellation, where its bright blue-green head and tail could be spotted using binoculars or a small telescope. It will be most visible from areas without much light pollution.

The comet will also reportedly keep appearing throughout the month. If you miss its first appearance on Saturday morning, scientists encourage enthusiasts to keep looking up to try and catch other appearances. The comet is set to make another visit in 2022.