On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing against the Chicago Bears. The Buccaneers would go on to win the game, but prior to the game, the team’s wide receiver chose not to stand during the national anthem. Following behind the controversial move of San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, Mike Evans took a seat during the game’s familiar song.

Evans didn’t get the same media response as Kaepernick, and his reason for not acknowledging the national anthem was also different. Evans chose to not stand, because of the results from the presidential election. The first Sunday, after the poll results, and Evans shared the same feelings as a lot of voters.

“I’m not big on politics or anything like that, but I told myself, ‘If this happens, America is not right, right now.’ I said this a long time ago. When he ran, I thought it was a joke. The joke continues”, said Evans. Although his decision had nothing to do with how racial minorities are treated in America, Evans still respected Kaepernick’s stance on the situation. “I know Kaepernick did that. I’m doing it for a different reason. For, how a reality star can be the president. That’s not a good look. I’m not a political person, but I have common sense, and I know something is not right”, said Evans.

None of Evans’ teammates were asked for support in his decision. There were some boos from the fans, following his stance, but Evans doesn’t believe that a lot of people noticed him sitting. Some may have been bothered, because it was a salute to those that served the country.

Evans went on to say, “I don’t want to disrespect the veterans or anything. The men and women that served this country. I’m forever indebted to them. But the things that have been going on in America, lately, I’m not going to stand for that.”