This is the first weekend, since the next US president was announced. Up to this point, there have been protests out in the streets and online. Social media has been smothered with rants, complaints, and debates about the next president-elect. Although the response has been alarming, through the week, it was limited. People still had responsibilities. They had to go to work and go to school. There was a limited amount of time to protest and display a dissatisfaction of the president for the next four years.

Friday evening, everything changed. The people that were in a rage about the poll results have free time on their hands. This gives more opportunities to protests and hold demonstrations, which is what people are seeing throughout all forms of media. At the same time that president-elect Donald Trump is establishing his administration, thousands of people are pouring out into the streets and igniting a dangerous fire.

It is necessary that people exercise their right to have a voice. The concern is what the voice is actually doing. The entire presidential election has been a rollercoaster.  Leading up to the final polls, segregation had extended its presence in this country. The segregation could have always been there, but the elections and the media covering it brought the problem to light. This led to openly disrespecting one another and rehashing wounds.

Now that the ballots have been counted, the segregation has remained and the protests can be a gift and a curse. Overall, the protests have been peaceful. There have been a number of unnecessary fights and arrests, and even reports of shootings. It is important that this only goes so far. On Saturday, there were protestors in Los Angeles that had a ‘Trump piñata’ and were constantly swatting it with a stick. Hopefully, it doesn’t go beyond these demonstrations.