We all know the history of the Detroit Lions. The star players that have passed through, the seasons where they seem to have the potential of being champions, and the inevitable end result. It is true that there are a lot of teams that rarely get to make it to the “big game”, but there have been times that it seemed as if the Lions would change their record or at least they deserved to have a successful season. The years of the great Barry Sanders should have produced at least one championship ring.

With week 10 approaching, there are analysts restoring their faith in the pack of Lions. The team doesn’t have an impressive record (5-4), but they are second in their division. This means that there is a realistic opportunity to be a playoff contender. Besides their second place division ranking, there are some additional reasons why this team should experience another playoff appearance.

Their Standing

The team is nearly half-half with their wins and losses, but the number one team (Minnesota Vikings) in their division has a 5-3 record. And with a previous battle against the Vikings that led to a victory, it looks even better for the team to become number one. Fast approaching is the popular Thanksgiving game for the Lions. Recently, Lions have been unbeatable on this holiday special and could easily add another victory to their record.

One area that some people may overlook is the team’s home record. Out the 5-4 record, Lions have a 3-1 record at home. This is something to brag about. This means their main focus should be capitalizing on away games. With a solid home record, they will finish their last two division games at home (Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers). Two of their biggest games will be away at New York and New Orleans, but the Lions have dominated in both arenas.