At least 18 were killed when attackers attacked the restaurant in Burkina Faso


Suspected Islamic militants in Burkina Faso opened fire on a Turkish restaurant Sunday, killing 18 people in another attack on a popular restaurant among aliens in the last two years.

No one took responsibility for the violence that continued until early morning on Monday morning. The bullet was heard almost seven hours after the attack.

“This is a terrorist attack,” Government Communications Remi Dandjinou at a press conference after the Reuters news agency.

On Monday morning, Danjinou Reuters said the attack was over and two of the attackers were killed with 18 victims. Victims come from different ethnicities, he said. At least one of the dead is a Frenchman.

Security forces on the scene with armoured vehicles fired near Aziz Istanbul are reporting footage of the next, luxurious Ouagadougou restaurant.

Police Captain Guy VI said attackers arrived at the Aziz Istanbul motorcycle restaurant and then started shooting randomly for dinner crowds on Sunday night.

The incident brought painful memories in January 2016

The attack on the cafe is 30 dead to the left; BBC News reported that the centre of the military during the attack and the US embassy was sealed in Ouagadougou, alerting its citizens to avoid the area.

Burkina Faso, the country is indoors in western Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Divides the northern border from Mali, which fought Islamic extremists for a long time.

At least 18 killed bombers attacking a restaurant in Burkina Faso

The three attackers of the battle in 2016 were born abroad, according to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, claiming that Al Mourabitoun time was known for responsibility in the post-Jihad group. But the terrorist threat in Burkina Faso is growing independently, experts say.