Attack on UK Parliament Leaves Assailant Shot, Police Officer Stabbed, One Woman Dead and Multiple Injuries


A police officer was stabbed within the perimeters at Britain’s parliament building today, and the assailant was immediately shot right outside. In addition, several other individuals lay sprawled and bleeding on the nearby Westminister Bridge, stated witnesses and authorities at the scene.

Events at the Scene

One Reuters photographer witnessed around a dozen civilians injured on the Westminster Bridge, with many photographs portraying people lying all over the ground, and some were bleeding heavily. No deaths have yet to be reported.

The House of Commons was active at the time, but was instantly suspended as lawmakers were told to remain inside.

Prime Minister Theresa May had been reported to be safe following the incident, said a spokesman of her office. However he declined to state where May had been during the attack.

Reporters for Reuters inside of parliament stated that a massive number of police who are armed, some also carrying shields, began pouring into this government building.

Britain has been on the second-highest, or severe, level, meaning that a terrorist attack may be likely.

Witness Accounts

One witness, the previous Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski,

stated that he had “heard what I thought what I thought was just a collision and then I looked through the window of the taxi and someone down, obviously in great distress.

“Then I saw a second person down, and I started filming, then I saw three more people down, one of them bleeding profusely.”

One woman inside a bus that was crossing the bridge during the incident said to Sky News, “I saw a car go out of control and go into pedestrians on the bridge … We saw people lying on the floor, injured obviously. I saw 10 people maybe.”

Another witness stated: “We were just walking up to the station and there was a loud bang and a guy, someone, crashed a car and took some pedestrians out.”

“They were just laying there and then the whole crowd just surged around the corner by the gates just opposite Big Ben.

“A guy came past my right shoulder with a big knife and just started plunging it into the policeman.”

The story is still developing.