Bacon Shortage? US pig producers Ensure There Isn’t


After there was a fear of bacon shortage in the country, US pig producers ensured that they are producing “more pigs than ever.”

The previously reported low figures were reportedly due to fresh supplies being used as quickly as they were being produced, which meant that less pork was frozen and stored.

US pig producers invalidated the spreading fear that there may be a shortage of bacon in the country.

The Fear of Bacon Shortage

The US Department of Agriculture showed data, which said that reserves of frozen pork belly, were at a record low.

According to government figures, pork belly reserves had hit around 8.2 million kg in December, in comparison to about 22.7 million kg the year before.

This spread a mild online panic, with hashtags including #BaconShortage and #BaconReserves breaking out on Twitter.

One example of tweet about the shortage was: “The first sign of the apocalypse people. How is no one talking about this. I can’t live in a world with a bacon shortage. #BaconReserves”

This also spread a concern that bacon prices may be rising in response to the shortage.

Nullifying The Concern

However, the figures were shown to be an inaccurate indication of the availability of bacon in the country.

It was later pointed out that fresh supplies of bacon were being used as quickly as they were being produced, therefore leaving less frozen and stockpiled.

The figures showed the amount of bacon stockpiled, and not all the bacon in circulation in the industry.

The Ohio Pork Council, which had initially revealed the figures, later claimed the observation was not meant to create concern.

They had also set up a website, “,” which has been taken down.

According to the Ohio Pork counsil president, Rich Deaton: “Today’s pig farmers are setting historic records by producing more pigs than ever.”