Bashar El-Assad: Surrender To The Idea of Ousting


It seem that after years of extinguishing all known proxy mechanisms to remove the decades old Syrian regime of Mr.Bashar El-Assad, the American ruling elites have surrendered to the idea of ousting him out of power.

The revolution turned civil war, has torn the country apart and the aftermath is spreading to all corners of the globe.

War criminal

The Syrian president has been condemned by most human rights organizations and governments across the world of having committed the most atrocious war crimes and human rights abuses in the 21st century.

Having cracked down on dissidents since the start of the upsurge in his country, Mr.Bashar was on the brink of losing the tight grip he had on his people if it wasn’t for the backup and direct intervention of his allies Russia and Iran.

The severe massacres and mass humiliations he has a inflict and to his people, created fertile soil for the radicalization of the opposition.

Political quantum shift

The recently appointed American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has made the Middle Eastern policy of her president official in a press conference.

She declared the shift of focus towards the eradication of Islamic radical entities, being a priority outweighing the ambitions of the previous administration.

This goes hand in hand with a vision laid out by the president of the United States of America during his election campaign, where he promised his nation the extermination of the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant.

The quantum shift in policy towards the Middle East, comes amidst a unparalleled total reform of foreign policy concept witnessed under Mr. Donald Trump. His verbal rapprochement to the president of Russia, Mr.Vladimir Putin, in addition to his encouraging remarks to European heads of states to break up from the European Union put him in the eyes of many in a state of moot. Several senators of the president’s own party and on the armed services committee in the senate, have contended the damaging consequences of these initiatives.