Big Lots is Officially Black Friday


Whenever you think of Black Friday, you instantly picture the Walmart (of course) and BestBuy. Now, things are about to change. According to Foursquare’s location intelligence, the hottest spots will be dollar and big-box stores.

It may seem as if people are running towards online shopping; especially with all of the traffic, crowds, and crazy shoppers. Well, that has done little for those that shop on Black Friday. Most people like to have their gifts in hand, not wait for them to be delivered. This is why 90% of consumers still line up at stores. Foursquare has this unique location-based app that can calculate the shopping traffic, as it gets closer to the ‘one day event’. This helps predict where the shopper will actually be.

According to Foursquare, brick-and-mortar shopping will drop approximately 3.5% from 2015. The drop in 2015 was even more. Another change is the sacred ‘Black Friday’. At one point, it was the one and only day that you could the lowest prices of the year. If you’ve noticed, more and more retailers are shelling out the deals, before Black Friday comes along. In all honesty, the day was created. It isn’t a law, and retailers have caught wind of it. The new motto is “get as many sales as possible.” In 2015, Black Friday was ranked as being the fifth most popular shopping day of the year. This is a drop from 2014, when it was the third. The next special day getting publicity is Super Saturday, which beat Black Friday last year.

Even with the changes, retailers continue to invest everything in Black Friday for the holiday season. They believe the sales will provide an estimation of how they’ll do for the remaining shopping season. Foursquare is able to track millions of mobile phone, and the traffic gives a prediction of where business will be headed. They’re putting their money on Big Lots.