Brexit: Barnier and Davis review state of talks


The chief negotiator for the EU on Brexit Michael Barnier and David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, are to conclude negotiations later on the UK leaving the union.

It has been shared that the 5th session of talks will be ended soon to be followed by a critical summit of the EU from 19th through 21th of October.

It is the hope of the UK that trade talks will be open soon upon the conclusion of the EU that enough headway has been achieved. March 2019 has been agreed for the UK to leave the EU.

It has been suggested by Kevin Connolly that no tangible progress has been made in the talks and that these series of talks has been astoundingly without compromise.

More Talks to be held

It has been implied by the EU and interestingly by the UK too that the other party is the one that holds the next move for the agreement to be forged.

The EU had stated that it desires to foster progress on the matters involving a financial description, the rights of citizens and the border shared by the Ireland Republic and the border of Northern Ireland.

President of the European Council had cautioned that conclusive talks clarifying the direction of all the discussions held between them and the UK would have to be initiated if the drag in progress persisted.

He shared that until December, Post-Brexit trade arrangements will not be made.

In September, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK offered proposals for a period after the UK had hopefully departed from the EU come March.