California Fire Continues To Blaze While Fires In Colorado Are Tamed


Several wild fires spread throughout the Western region. California’s fires continue burning and spreading while Colorado tames their flames.

Wild Fires Spreading Too Quickly

Hundreds of homes in California are under threat by the pair of wild fires that have spread quickly. Many campsites and homes have been forced to evacuate.

However, in other western regions like Montana and Colorado, the evacuation orders have been lifted.

The fire started early Saturday afternoon in Santa Barbara County in California. It spread on both side of highway 154. County Fire Captain Dave Zaniboni said the fire was “completely out of control.” 50 counselors and 90 children were stuck at the Circle V Ranch until they were finally safely evacuated.

The Santa Barbara fires weren’t the only ones that sparked in California, a fire in Los Angeles spiked temperatures of downtown area to new records – pushing it to 98 degrees, highest in 131 years.

All the excessive heat encouraged southern Californians to head towards the beaches and airconditioned locations, all to escape the heat.

Weather services warn anyone living inland of LA could face up to 110-degree temperature and this could be harmful for children, elderly and outdoor workers.

In Butte County, Northern California, a wildfire swept through the foothills and brought down 10 structures, some of which were homes and caused minor injuries to several people.

A Wild Growing

A blaze, 60 miles north of Sacramento grew wildly to more than 4 square miles. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the fire was 20% contained.

The fire at Cachuma Lake campground in Santa Barbara has not yet been contained. It spread to at least 4.7 square miles. Evacuation orders have been issued to over 250 homes.

Colorado has allowed residents of 500 homes outside Breckenridge to return home Friday night. The grass fire in Colorado burned 18 square miles. Wyoming’s fire burned 3 square miles, and a number of buildings are still under evacuation orders.