Chicago Man Charged With Misdemeanor Battery After Going On Racial Rant At A Starbucks


A Chicago man went on a racial rant at a Starbucks in Chicago, calling an African American a “slave.” The man was charged with misdemeanor battery and is expected in court on July 5th.

The Incident

On Tuesday at a Chicago Starbucks, William Boucher, 23, was recording going on a racial rant after someone accidentally spilt a drink on him.

The video shows Boucher spitting on an African American man, telling him that his children are “disposable vermin”. “Shut up, slave. Do not talk to me,” he told another black man. The incident started at around 2:30pm local time.

A bystander tried to get in between Boucher and the man as they looked like they were about to get into a physical fight. “Get on all fours right now…Do not walk off on two legs.” Boucher said.

According to the police, the incident continued on the sidewalk, where he spat on another 30-year-old man and 34-year-old woman. Boucher also, without provocation, punched another man in the street as he walked off. He suffered an eye injury and was taken to hospital for treatment, WLS-TV said.

Boucher was charged with misdemeanor battery and, although was unreachable, is expected in court on July 5th.

Comments on the Incident

A Starbucks spokesperson issued a statement, saying: “We have absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior in our stores, and are grateful to the partners (employees) and customers who stepped in to help until officers arrived.”

Juan Torres, a Starbucks employee who witnessed the incident, said: “I was shocked because I thought it was going to … end right there, security was going to come, the cops were going to show up.”

“Calling people…racist slurs when I was coming into work, I was not expecting to see that.” he said.