Clashes recorded in the wake of Iraqi forces advancement into Kurdish held areas


Baghdad announced that it would carry out an operation to obtain control of the oil fields and bases in the conflict-laden area.

Disputes and fights have occurred between Iraqi Kurdish armed men and Iraqi forces after troops were sent by Baghdad towards Kirkuk province.

Reports from State TV show that Iraqi forces have obtained control of a few areas, oil fields included; Kurdish troops have however denied this.

Several exchanges of artillery fire has been reported to have occurred in the south of Kirkuk city

The government of the US has expressed it’s concerned and encouraged dialogue between the two parties.

Baghdad desires to take possession of bases and oil fields in the hold of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in 2014 Islamic State militants overran the northern area of Iraq, and the army was collapsed. Kirkuk doesn’t belong to the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Kirkuk is not part of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region.
Talks to resolve the crisis failed on Sunday as leaders from the Kurdish region refused to accept the leaders of the Iraqi government demands to reject the result.

Security at Bases to be increased

It was shared by the Iraqi government that an operation to make the bases more secure and also secure federal installations had been launched.

Aide to the Kurdish leader, HeminHawrami earlier shared that Kurdish leaders have rejected the option to engage the military and were prepared to defend their city against malicious forces from the outside.

Baghdad had earlier levelled accusations against the administration of Kurdistan of sending fighters to Kirkuk that were outsiders, also including fighters from Kurdistan Workers’ Party based in Turkey, which it declared may be likened to a declaration of war.

These claims were denied by the Iraqi Kurds. The Oil-rich Kirkuk province is dominated by both Baghdad and the Kurds, though both parties were recently together in their fight against the Islamic State (IS).