Concerns remain after the outbreak of Madagascar plague reduces


The effect of the Madagascar plague that had affected 12 districts in the past had started to reduce in recent times, WHO revealed.

Over 1,200 cases had been identified by health officials as at October 24th wherein there were 93 cases of death about over 20 districts since its emergence three months ago.

The occurrence of plague is regular in Madagascar. In a statement by WHO, It is the first time that plagues which has the potential to start severe epidemics if they are not well controlled.

Reactions of Health officers to outbreak

WHO had stated that the risk for the disease to spread is high at a level considered natural, moderate at a level considered regional and altogether low at a global level. Though no restrictions in trade have been implemented so far, some other measures have been implemented.

Community health workers numbering over 4,000 and about 300 doctors and students are with the contacts of cases, WHO states. Thousands of relief materials, supplies and health operations have been made available.  Also donated by the World Health Organization was over a million doses of antibiotics. Nonetheless, the health agency has said that about 26 percent of the budget of $9.5 million has been funded.