Copper Gold Model of the Nokia 8 gets leaked


Nokia has been known to be giving its fans multiple color choices of its products, even during the Lumia era. While some of these color options were brilliant, others were not so engaging to the eyes. Currently, it’s not clear what the new Nokia 8 holds as regards its color, but it would be unique.

Barely one month to it’s the official unveiling of the Nokia 8, the new product leaks again in an unprecedented copper-gold sheen.

Is the Nokia 8 going to be clothed in gold?

The Nokia 8 has been seen wrapped in gold. Although a bit gaudy when compared to other gold colors you can find in the market, it’s something the eyes would like to behold. On a stricter sense, the color of the phone appears more like orange gold color although it’s not related to the new leak.

Unlike the colors we’re used to, the Nokia 8 has a shade of copper gold. Maybe, there’s why nobody ever thought of it. If it’s a planned thing between Nokia and HMD to sell the Nokia 8 as a shock factor, it’ll probably work out. However, if they’re planning aesthetic appearance or impact, then we might have to wait and watch the Nokia 8 go into the real world first.

Expected features

Drawing out more facts from the leak, the Nokia 8 will have a dual camera on its back side with Carl Zeiss lenses. Although not revealed, it’s expected that the Nokia 8 will possess the snapdragon 835 processor with about 4 or 6 GB RAM and a storage capacity of 64GB. The dual camera on the back side will have 13 megapixels sensors. Nothing is known or expected about the selfie cam.

Most probably, Nokia will be launching the Nokia 8 at a press conference on August 16 and will display a few color options – Silver, Gold, Blue, Copper Gold and Gold Blue. The Chinese media sets the price of the Nokia 8 around 4,500 RMB which is equivalent to $660.