Couple Arrested After Using Their Drone To Peep On Others


Police arrested a Utah couple after suspecting them of flying their drone and spying on others in their homes. The male of the duo had been convicted of voyeurism in the past.

Police had been patrolling the area when they spotted the drone.

Events Leading Up To Arrest

The drone is suspected of videotaping people in Oren, using their bathrooms or bedroom in private. One victim saw the small drone right outside his bathroom window, and proceeded to chase it down the street in his car, grabbing it when it landed on the ground.

According to investigators, he discovered that there were several video clips of people in the drone’s memory card, and brought it to police last December.

“The citizen who located the drone was familiar with drones and had a similar one himself,” stated the search warrant, according to Desert News. “There [were] multiple videos recording individuals inside their residences through windows. Some of the recordings were multiple stories high in apartment complexes.”

The cops later posted photos of the machine on the department’s Facebook page, along with another photo of a man, face disguised, operating the controls, which they got from the memory card.

“Are you missing a quadcopter?” police asked their followers in the post. “Are you looking over your shoulder to see if the police are following you? Have you been convicted of voyeurism in the past? Would you like to turn yourself in before we have to come knocking at your door, maybe on Christmas morning, with a warrant?”

The police then warned: “We know who you are but let’s make this easier on everyone.”

Arrest and Aftermath

No one had come forward willingly, but police say they grabbed the couple after they tracked the suspects from an image of their license plate off the drone’s memory card.

Aaron Dennis Foote, 39 years olf, and his girlfriend Terisha Lee Norviel, 34, have been charged for misdemeanour voyeurism using a concealed electronic device.

Their court date will occur in March.