Cuban’s pay their last respect to Fidel Castro


Individuals have started gathering together early today at Revolution Square in the capital to pay  last respect  to Fidel Castro, the almighty strongman who introduced the Communist state that tested the U.S. and, formed each aspect of life for his comrades.

Toward the beginning of a week of official grieving, workers, pensioners and college student turned out in thousands to walk through the flower displayed and the photograph of Mr. Castro in the late 1950s, when he drove a guerrilla war that toppled a despot.

In books of sympathy set in schools, clinics and other state foundations around the city, the mourners said they gave tributes to the supposed Maximum Leader, who ruled them from 1959 until surrendering all forces in 2008.

 An emotional moment for the mourners


On Saturday, Mr. Castro was cremated following his death on Friday night. His passing was announced by his brother and successor Raúl Castro.

Cubans who came to Havana to pay their final respect said Mr. Castro assumed a great part in their lives. 42 years old Tania Barbuzano, who works at Havana Club, expressed her satisfaction the excellent social insurance and that she never needed to pay for anything

The legislature likewise set the plan for Cubans like Ms. Barbuzano—notwithstanding letting them know what to think, some would state. “He was constantly here,” “He generally let us knows what might happen, what we are expected to stress over—atomic war, or environmental change. “She reiterated

A few grievers paying homage to the nation’s long-term pioneer expressed hope that they could move on without his long shadow.

Nora Gomez on her part said that the awful side of Fidel was that Cuban’s got used to waiting upon him for everything: education, employments, food, and shelter. “We all lost our autonomy, and the ability to think. “She said.