Cubs Visit White House For A Second Trip After World Series


U.S. President Donald Trump greeted manager Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs into the Oval Office on Wednesday, after they visited the White House eight months ago following winning the World Series.

Honoring The Cubs

According to Maddon, the Cubs’s trip to the White House is set up by the team’s owners, the Ricketts family, who supported Trump’s campaign. In January this, former President Barack Obama honored the Cubs as World Series champions.

“This is a great team and they were actually here but they wanted to be here with Trump, right?” Trump said. “I just want to thank and I want to congratulate them.”

Maddon, Tom and Todd Ricketts and other players visited the White House, including first baseman Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jon Lester, third baseman Kris Bryant and outfielder Albert Almora Jr.

In the photo, US president Trump was seen with the World Series trophy and a Cubs jersey with his name and No. 45, referring to him as the 45th president — in gold on the back.

General manager Jed Hoyer described it as a “pretty cool life experience.”

“It’s always an honor when you get asked to go to the White House,” Hoyer said before the Cubs’ game against the Washington Nationals. “Regardless of your politics, it’s a place that all Americans should be impressed by.”

Definitely Two Fingers

Almora appeared in the picture as if he was giving Trump the middle finger, saying, “There was definitely two fingers out there.”

“It is not every day you get to meet the president of the United States,” Almora said. “To meet two in one calendar year. It was pretty special for me.”

The photo also featured with Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, a former Indiana senator who said that he is a “die-hard” fan. Hoyer said that the visit with Obama was a little private than their meeting with Trump.

“It was a different experience,” Rizzo said. “I think we all had a good time there. You get to go to the White House, it’s very special. For this country, to be here, to be able to go to the White House twice in a year is something that I’ll be able to carry with me the rest of my life.”