Damon Smith Found Guilty After Planning Explosion And Leaving Bomb In Underground London Train


On Wednesday and after 7 months, a man who planned for an explosion and left a bomb on an underground train in London, was found guilty.

Damon Smith, a 20-year-old student, left a bag of explosives last on a train heading to Canary Wharf area last October.

The Device

After the jury, prosecutors explained that in order to create and collect the explosive device, Smith followed the instructions he found in a magazine published by Al Qaeda.

Shortly after setting the device timer, Smith walked away and left for his morning lecture, however, the bomb didn’t explode.

Later on, two passengers noticed the bag and reported it to the driver. That is when the driver took the bag to his cab thinking it was a lost bag. Once the driver opened the bag to see what’s in it, he was horrified to find wires linked to the back of a clock.

Police officers then came to make sure the explosive device is safe. Policemen secured the bag on the at North Greenwich station, on a line called Jubilee which is one station away from Canary Wharf.

“I would like to express my thanks to the quick-thinking members of the public and TFL staff for the way they dealt with this incident,” Head of counter-terrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Sue Hemming, reported.

“Just A Prank”

Shortly after securing the unexploded bag, officers arrested Smith who said that this bag was just a prank and it is only a smoke bomb.

“Damon Smith’s actions were incredibly dangerous and the consequences had the device worked do not bear thinking about,” Hemming stated.

“Although he claimed this was a prank, the bomb he left on the train was clearly designed to cause horrific injuries,” Hemming added.

The CPS never knew what was Smith’ motive. Furthermore, Smith was declared guilty in the court at the Old Bailey and soon will be condemned.