Disney to make donations worth $2.5 million to support relief efforts for Hurricane Irma


It’s no longer a new thing to hear the damages of the recent Hurricane Irma. The Walt Disney Company has declared its commitment to comfort the relief efforts with $2.5 000 000. Business Wire disclosed this.

The donation by Disney will help the humanitarian relief in Florida, Caribbean, and other affected regions. The UNICEF, American Red Cross, Save the Children and other charitable organizations will be supported with the funds that will be donated by Disney. Eligible relief bodies will get the Disney employees’ donations if matched by Disney Employee Matching Gifts.

Disney CEO declares the donation

Robert A. Iger, the CEO and Chairman of The Walt Disney Company said millions of individuals are now facing the painful challenge of setting their communities and lives back to normalcy, and we should help. Iger added that the Disney Company is donating $2.5 000 000 to support recovery efforts and relief in line with the Hurricane Irma. This is coupled to about $16 000 000 gathered after the Hurricane Harvey to ensure those affected have the needful support to recover.

Disney raised about $16 000 000 to aid the victims of Hurricane Harvey which happened in Houston, TX and the neighboring areas. The number includes donations to employee donation matching and money gathered across the company through initiatives, Disney Stores campaigns, social media campaign, and donations to the American Red Cross.

The Disney firm implicated in hand in Hand with ABC broadcasting in alliance with few other media companies. According to the website, during the Hurricane Irma, Walt Disney World which shut it park for some days and the Disney Cruise Line gave out meals and provided power and storage utility, as well shelters for initial responders.