Dominican Republic, Haiti to restore diplomatic relations


Both presidents agree to restore ambassadors in each nation

By Senabri Silvestre 

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic and Haiti has formally agreed to restore diplomatic relations deteriorated after the Santo Domingo began regulating Haitian illegal immigration. 

Dominican President Danilo Medina and Haitian President Michel Martelly held a four-hour meeting at María Montez Airport in the Dominican Republic where they discussed several issues, including the possibility of restoring the ambassadors of both countries, who were recalled from their posts in recent weeks. 

Medina promised to pay an official visit to Haiti in a few days and both countries agreed to meet again in Port–au–Prince to further improve commercial ties that have been hampered when a road transport ban was imposed by Haiti on 23 Dominican products earlier this month. 

The meeting between the finance, industries and commerce ministers will be observed by European Union representatives. “Both parts agreed to invite representatives from the World Trade Organization in order to have some witnesses in every trade agreement that we could reach in this process and, after that, to take them to the Merchandise Committee of this organization”, said Andrés Navarro, Dominican Foreign Affair minister, after Tuesday’s meeting. 

Both sides agreed to replace their ambassadors and enforce a customs agreement signed in a high-level bilateral dialogue that includes technical cooperation and information interchange. They also agreed to reactivate a bilateral mixed committee and hold weekly meetings to ensure the compliance of those agreements.