Donald Trump claims he’s not a fan of tweeting

President-elect Donald Trump throws a hat into the audience while speaking at a rally in a DOW Chemical Hanger at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Friday, Dec. 9, 2016, in Baton Rouge, La. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

On a Wednesday interview, Donald Trump claimed, “Look, I don’t care for tweeting. I have different things I could do. Yet, I get exceptionally deceptive media, extremely exploitative press. What’s more, it’s my exclusive way that I can check.”

Obviously, all confirmation proposes that Trump adores tweeting. He adores it. Since May 4, 2009, he has tweeted a normal of 10.8 times each day. Every day. By and large. That is not the conduct of somebody who despises tweeting. That is the huge deception.

It’s surely genuine that Trump would rather push out his own message to his 20 million devotees than let his claims be separated by an outside gathering that may bring up when he’s, say, saying untrue things. It is not valid, however, that he tweets simply because he’s attempting to get around the media. Trump has been on Twitter since 2009, and he tweeted most in 2013, out of every other year.

In 2013, we can affirm authoritatively, Trump wasn’t tweeting to get his message out to individuals around the one-sided media. He was tweeting for a similar reason he tweets now: to censure individuals he doesn’t care for, deride things he abhors and adulate what he adores. What’s especially odd about Trump’s guard of his tweeting is that his expressed method of reasoning doesn’t appear to work that well.

Another NBC News-Wall Street Journal survey demonstrates that Americans overwhelmingly view Trump’s utilization of Twitter contrarily. About 7 in 10 Americans surmise that his tweeting is a terrible thing, in light of the fact that “in an instant, messages can have unintended major implications without careful review.”

If you were to trace Trump’s history, you will easily discover that it is possibly true that the president-elect doesn’t like tweeting. What he does like, and actually lusts after, is popularity. He has always been a whore for fame. With his new role and the growth of technology and social media, Trump is at an all-new height.