Drug Trafficking and Bribery by the Border Patrol


Noe Lopez, an operator working out of the Imperial Beach station, was captured Wednesday and accused of endeavored dispersion of six pounds of methamphetamine, endeavored appropriation of seven kilograms of cocaine and remuneration.

Lopez, who showed up in court interestingly Thursday, was twice grabbed and conveyed knapsacks dropped off for him at the San Diego County outskirt fence, as per the protestation. In both examples, the exchanges were a piece of a covert law implementation sting, as indicated by the protestation. Lopez professedly depicted his capacity to pirate opiates into the U.S. to a private source, furnishing the witness with specifics subtle elements of his operation.

As per the objection, Lopez consented to get knapsacks loaded with opiates and transport them to safe areas north of the universal fringe, for a charge. On December 6, Lopez supposedly grabbed a rucksack loaded with what he accepted to be six pounds of meth. On December 8, Lopez professedly grabbed a knapsack with cocaine. The specialist conveyed the rucksacks to a pre-decided area in San Diego in both cases, as indicated by the grievance, and got $10,000 in trade out trade.

Lopez furthermore acknowledged fixes in return for assisting with medication trafficking occasions, and disregarded his official obligation to implement opiates laws, as indicated by the protestation. A lady who recognized herself as Lopez’s ex told NBC 7 that the affirmations amazed her. “Everybody has cash issues. We live in San Diego, however I make no difference to this outrageous for somebody to chance their vocation,” she said.

In an announcement, CBP authorities said Lopez, 36, has 10 years of administration and has since been put on non-obligation/non-pay status pending the result of the examination. “The U.S. Outskirt Patrol stresses respect and trustworthiness in each part of its main goal. We don’t endure offense on or on leave and will completely coordinate with all examinations of charged unlawful lead by our staff,” the announcement read, to some extent.