Earthquakes develop entire buildings in Darbandikhan Kurdistan


On Sunday, people in the Kurdistan area and Iranian Kurdistan fled from their homes and attacked their children as buildings torn in a 7.3 magnitude seism that killed seven people in Kurdistan and at least 407 in Iran. The earthquake epicentre was near Halabe.

At least 320 people were hospitalized in the Kurdistan area, some were surprised and, according to official sources, 6,700 were injured in Iran.

Darbandikhan has suffered some of the worst damages in the Kurdistan region. Some buildings have been damaged, some have completely collapsed. Darbandikhan’s dam was also destroyed and under investigation. There were cracks in the dam and the road.

The Integrity of Dam is discussed on Monday by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the Supreme National Water Board

The committee was informed that all dams in the country are safe, but the Darbandikhan Dam under surveillance “to ensure the security of its core structure,” the statement of Abadin’s media office said.

The United Nations sent the review team Darbandikhan. The Iraqi government has also called on the United Nations to send its Disaster Co-ordination and Assessment Team (UNDAC). “This team is a highly specialized team that assists in assessing the conditions and coordinates the response,” said Lise Grande, United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq.

He also confirmed that the World Health Organization (WHO) had sent an emergency team and two ambulances to Suleiman Hospital to help hurt the injured.

“The key is to work fast so we can stop losing more lives,” Grande said

The Turkish Air Force, which provides medical and emergency assistance to Suleiman, arrived on Monday.

The prime minister of the Kurdistan region said on Monday they also sent teams to assess the damage and not to try to help those affected by the earthquake.