Elon Musk Warns That Artifical Intelligence Will Make Human Life Meaningless


Elon Musk, popular tech billionaire stated that he believes AI’s can catastrophic for the human race, who he says are already set for becoming a cyborg species that will eventually struggle as 15% of the workforce worldwide won’t have a job.

The renowned creative genius also added that a “universal income” will need to be implemented onto the world population as robots will eventually end up doing everything.

Musk’s View on Technology

As he spoke at Dubai’s World Government Summit, the self-made entrepreneur told 4,000 participants he thinks that space flights throughout the solar system will be as common as airplane flights in the next 50 years.

He also said that self-driven vehicles are only 10 years away from taking over human-driven cars entirely.

The business mogul told the shocked crowd: “One of the most troubling questions is artificial intelligence. I don’t mean narrow AI – deep artificial intelligence, where you can have AI which is much smarter than the smartest human on earth. This is a dangerous situation.”

He continued to warn governments of the world to “Pay close attention to the development of artificial intelligence.”

“Make sure researchers don’t get carried away – scientists get so engrossed in their work they don’t realize what they are doing,” he added.

When he was asked if his opinion on artificial intelligence was positive or negative, he replied: “I think it is both.”

“One way to think of it is to imagine you were very confident we were going to be visited by super intelligent aliens in 10 years or 20 years at the most.”

“Digital super intelligence will be like an alien.”

He continued on and joked: “It seems probable. But this is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy – where are the aliens?

He added: “If there are super intelligent aliens out there they are probably already observing us.”

Humans Already Cyborgs

Musk went onto discuss how he believed humans are already “cyborgs” as they increasingly depend on technology.

To the audience’s laughter, he said: “To some degree, we are already a cyborg — you think of all the digital tools that you have — your phone, your computer.”

Musk then said that although autonomous cars can be a convenience, it will also change society significantly, causing issues such as mass unemployment.