Evil husband who bashed his wife to death with a hammer over Elvis tribute tickets found dead


An evil husband who killed his wife with a hammer because she sold his ticket to an Elvis tribute gig has been found dead in jail on the anniversary of the murder.

Fifty seven year old Paul Abbot was sentenced to life and told he must serve at least 15 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to murdering his wife Jacqueline. Abbot was a gambling addict, who had broken up with his 54 year old wife after he blew £11,000 in a casino betting spree. He lost so much that he could not pay wages at J and P Tackle, the company where they had both worked with their two sons.


A row broke out between the former couple in December last year when she admitted that she had sold his ticket to see an Elvis impersonator on eBay. Abbott bashed Jacqueline on the head with a hammer in a bedroom. As she tried to flee, he then hit her again in the back garden after chasing her downstairs.


A post mortem examination following Jacqueline’s death revealed that she had been hit at least 16 times. It has now been revealed that Abbott has been found dead at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire where he was serving his sentence.

A spokesman for the Prison Service has confirmed the death and revealed that an independent investigation will now be launched into the circumstances. So far, it is not known whether he commited suicide or whether anyone else was involved in his death. After the killing of his partner of 30 years, Abbott told police officers in an interview that he had lost his temper after his estranged wife had slapped him across the face.

He told officers: “I lost the plot. My head had gone, I don’t know why I flipped. No one deserves that, I wouldn’t do that to a dog. It was despicable, I lost control like a wild dog.”