Fake Google Affiliated Firm Shut Down


A Manchester based firm that claimed they had ties with Google has been shut down after an inquiring by the United Kingdom’s Insolvency Service.

The agency disclosed that Movette made use of “fraudulent means” to charge customers who use Google My Business – A service that is offered for free by the US inquiry company.

Movette for long now has operated in business for almost two-and-a-half years before they were charged to High Court.

They Charged For A Free Service

It had gotten up to £500,000 in charges before the intercession.
The Google My Business is a medium which encourages firms to exchange images and data about each other to assist the tech company show important listings in its Maps tools and searching.

Movette had billed its victims around £199 to £249 a year to carry out their access.

The agency again said its investigation started after a series of “critical numbers” of client grievance.

Many customers also have reported their worries online as well

“This firm wrote me informing me that my Google page will soon run out and after the chat, they demand I need to purchase their services,” posted on the Who Called Me web platform.

“They’ve always asked for money and directing warnings from hidden numbers. Every day they ring on hidden cell number but the number to contact them back on is a bonus call back number. So I knew it’s was a scam trick.”

Another wrote on business survey site Trustpilot: “total liars, arrogant and rude… they insist the verbal evidence are legally conclusive and can’t be erased. It’s a scam trick don’t trust them.”

The Insolvency Service indicates that Movette had managed a “related business” with another firm- An Online website Management Consultants Ltd – which was closed during April 2015 after working from a similar address in Manchester.