FC Barcelona Could Leave the Spanish League


If Catalonia succeeds in getting her independence from Spain, FC Barcelona and its members will be tasked with making a huge decision. The club president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, said on Monday that in the event of Catalonia’s independence, they would have to choose which league to compete in.

FC Barcelona had previously played Sunday’s game against Las Palmas behind closed doors at the Camp Nou. It was the first ever closed-door game in Spanish league history. They used this as a protest against the Spanish government’s use of force to stop voters from partaking in a banned referendum which would eventually decide the region’s future.

The Spanish government had ruled the vote on secession illegal, and over 800 people were in need of medical aid after riot police had a clash with some potential voters.

Bartomeu told reporters after a board meeting that if the secession vote were successful, the club and its members would decide which league they would compete in. He also said that the club is passing through hard and uneasy moments, and they would take on the future of wisdom and calmness.

A Hard Choice To Make

Gerard Figueras, Catalan sports minister, said last week that FC Barcelona might be able to play in another league if the regain is successful in seceding from Spain. He also said that Catalan clubs like Girona, FC Barcelona or Espanyol would choose where they want to play- in the Spanish Liga, the Italian Serie A, the French Ligue 1, or the English Premier League.

FC Barcelona has also announced that they will be joining the Catalan strike and the club will be closed on Tuesday, October 3rd. FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique declared his support for Catalonia and was met with boos from Spanish football fans. He has stated that if necessary, he would quit the Spanish national team to play for Catalonia.