Ford’s New Autonomous Fusion Unveiled – And It Looks Awesome!


Need a new car for the new year? Well, if you do, you should take a look at Ford’s new Autonomous Fusion, which is set for release in early 2017. You can get a glimpse of the new car at the next auto show where numerous car manufacturers will reveal their new car models.

Several automakers have partnered with Google to outfit their new self-driving vehicles. Google is working with Chrysler, Ford, GM as well as Ford automaker. Detroit, Michigan is set to buzz this year with numerous auto manufacturer from the state gets ready to roll out their new test driving vehicles.

Adding that while developing tests on their new addition, Ford uncovered today that it’s not just presenting its most recent Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Vehicle. The Michigan-based automaker stated it also had tripled began manufacturing its production for the new year.

At the auto show, CES 2106, will see Ford unveiling 20 of its self-driving Fusion Hybrids that is in comparison to the Armada that was revealed in late 2013, in a contingent with as many as 30 test vehicles.

The Portege model will triple in capacity by the end of 2017with the company promising to add anywhere from 30 to 90 added vehicles to his fleet. Ford’s spokesperson Alan Hall wrote in an email that customers can catch the view and test the self-sufficient Fusion Hybrids that the company promised to unveil in Las Vegas at the CES auto show scheduled to be held in Detroit in 2017.

Chris Brewer stated in a blog post that the new vehicle will utilize some things that are in older models but it will also add some new and hi-tech equipment to the self-driving wonder car. The vehicle will have electrical controls as well as much sleeker LiDar sensors.

Ford’s customers, will definitely get their money worth with the purchase of the highly anticipated self-driving Ford Fusion.