France 'refuses' Grexit, says prime minister


Manuel Valls says allowing Greece to leave euro would be ‘admission of impotence’

By Hajer M’tiri

PARIS – France will refuse to let Greece leave the eurozone, Prime Minister Manuel Valls told the French parliament on Wednesday.

“Allowing Greece to exit the eurozone would be an admission of impotence – France refuses that,” Valls said in a statement to the National Assembly.

He added: “Weakening Greece is to weaken Europe.”

Valls called on EU countries to support Greece and said a deal between Athens and its creditors was “within grasp”.

Greece will present its proposals for economic reform to its creditors – the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – on Thursday before a meeting of EU government heads on Sunday.

Valls told lawmakers that Greece’s request for European Stability Mechanism funds on Wednesday was “balanced and positive”.