French Historian, Henry Rousso, Detained for 10 hours at Houston Airport Upon Entering US for University Conference


Henry Rousso, a well known French historian was headed to a Texas university to attend a conference when he was reportedly detained at the Houston airport for ten hours, and threatened with deportation.

Rousso expressed his disapproval when he tweeted, “I have been detained 10 hours at Houston International Airport about to be deported. The officer who arrested me was ‘inexperienced’.”

What Happened

Texas A&M university officials stated that the Egyptian-born Jewish historian was almost forced to return to Paris under the category of illegal alien in response to concerns over his visa upon his arrival early this week.

The university successfully managed to rectify the situation gaining him the right to enter due to the expertise of  Fatma Marouf,one of the university’s  specialist law professors.

“In the past, I had not seen anything like that happening It seems like there’s much more rigidity and rigour in enforcing these immigration requirements and the technicalities of every visa,” Fatma reported.

Recent Issues

Similar reports of US border control traveller detainment have been stirring in the media, including  that of Mohammad Ali Jr., son of boxing legend, upon his return from Jamaica on the basis of concerns towards his given name and religious beliefs. 

According to his online profile, Rousso has previously lectured at many US Universities in addition he was a  short term professor at the Texas A&M university back in 2007.

Rousso released a public statement on twitter saying, “Thank you so much for your reactions…My situation was nothing compared to some of the people I saw who couldn’t be defended as I was.”

One of the greatest concerns expressed from the schollar’s experience is that the Trump administration issued a temporary ban of citizens from seven Muslim countries; Egypt however, is not among one of the seven.