Galaxy Note 8 may hit the stores before iPhone 8


The new Galaxy Note may beat the upcoming iPhone to market. Before this time when Samsung tried to use this strategy, it didn’t go as planned, causing phones to explode in different scenarios. Consequently, Samsung had to call this back and put a halt on it, you may be familiar with the story.

Latest reports from Korea have it the impressive Galaxy Note 8 will appear publicly in advance to iPhone 8. Of course, you don’t have to fret.

Following the rumors that are making waves, The Korea Herald said that Samsung had outlined its plan to push the Galaxy Note 8 into the market very soon – by late August, tactically before the first public presentation of the iPhone 8 scheduled to be in September.

The Galaxy Note 8

The Herald says that the Galaxy 8 will have a design similar to that of Galaxy S8, but will feature a dual lens camera on the rear side. As regards the safety, Samsung has shown to have learned its lesson with the Galaxy S8. As such, they probably will have started working on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8 before the schedule.
It could be recalled that Samsung blamed the Galaxy Note 7 problem on the battery manufacturers, but Samsung was desperate to turn up the market with a new device that has exciting features, causing a look down on necessary quality checks which resulted in the explosion issues.

No official hint yet

Currently, Samsung is yet to release any official statement as regards the rumored launching of Galaxy Note 8 on August or the early days of September. Samsung hasn’t dropped the Galaxy Note 7 refurbished which is meant to be available in stores before seeing the Galaxy Note 8.