Glaciers Worldwide Are Running Dry, According To The Leading Journal Science


Glaciers worldwide are ceasing, which should be dubbed as an “international concern”, according to the leading journal Science.

Dr Twila Moon of University of Colorado, Boulder states that Millions of people will unwillingly leave their homes by rising seas and other sources of water, they will get drained and there will be a lack of sources of nutrients and shelters.

The phenomenon is inevitable

More than 120 glaciers reportedly ran dry in the Glacier National Park in Montana last century, the US Geological Survey says.

And Dr Moon said such a phenomenon is inevitable as it happened before in the Antarctic Peninsular, Patagonia, Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas, Greenland and the Arctic.

“The evidence is overwhelming: Earth is losing its ice. Much of this loss is irreversible and the result of human-caused climate change,” she wrote.

“Unless substantial climate response action is taken and the trend of global temperature rise is reversed, we will continue to see Miami streets swallowed by the sea … And we can expect this pattern to continue for decades, centuries, and indeed, millennia.

“As scientists, we must make this reality clear and help to ensure that action is taken to minimise impacts globally.”

Climate models have stated that more than half of all the small glaciers in Switzerland will be run dry over the coming 25 years, while 70 percent of glaciers in Western Canada will run dry by 2100.


“This loss of Earth’s land ice is of international concern. Rising seas, to which melting ice is a key contributor, are expected to displace millions of people within the lifetime of many of today’s children,” Dr Moon wrote.

“But the problems of glacier loss do not stop at sea level rise; glaciers are also crucial water sources, integral parts of Earth’s air and water circulation systems, nutrient and shelter suppliers for flora and fauna, and unique landscapes for contemplation or exploration.”