God is fully in support of launching an attack against North Korea – Trump evangelical adviser


A pastor serving on Trump’s evangelical advisory team has proclaimed that God supports the president to attack North Korea.

Right wing pastor cites bible passage that advocates Trump’s planned actions

The leader of the First Baptists Dallas megachurch, Robert Jeffress informed the CBN that a passage of the Bible in Romans advocates that leaders should employ possible means, including war to put an end to any evil.
He added that whenever Potus marks a red line, he never erases it, move away or stay back from it. He gave thanks to God for such a US president who is bent on guarding the country.

Governing authorities can give out punishment to wrong doers

President Trump issued threats to North Korea saying that there will be fire and fury which the world has never witnessed. Pyongyang stated that it was thinking of launching an attack on the United States military base located in Guam.

Jeffress informed The Washington post that those rules or guidelines are for Christians and the government has its regulations clearly stated in Romans 13. There, the bible says that the governing powers are instituted by God and are agents meant to mete out punishment to those who do wrong.

Jeffress serves on President Trump’s evangelical advisory board, and has been bent on his intolerant rants focused on Muslims, gays, Mormons, Catholics, and others.