Golden State Player set to be charged for Assault


Golden State Warriors player, Draymond Green, has been charged with a civil lawsuit for allegedly slapping a former football player for Michigan State.

Details of the lawsuit were released California lawyer Lisa Bloom who is lead counsel in the case against Green.

An Alleged Assault In 2016

The incident occurred in July after Green allegedly hit Jermaine Edmondson who was playing for Spartan at the time. The physical attack was followed by verbal insults outside a bar and is said to be as a result of an incident involving Edmondson and his girlfriend in an altercation with Green and two of his friends.

Bloom who is the legal analyst for a lot of networks would hold a press conference today to give more details about the incident in Los Angeles.

Green revealed that he won’t be commenting on the issue as his attorney is taking care of it. “Hopefully it will be resolved soon.”

Green was first arrested in 2016 for physically assaulting Edmondson and could go to jail if he is found guilty. He was however released after a $200 bond was paid and didn’t show up in court.

His plea deal ensures that his sentence was reduced to misdemeanour assault to just a noise violation and civil infraction charge, which only requires a $500 alongside $60 in jail restitution.