Golden State Warriors Get Another Win Over Cavaliers


The Golden State Warriors have now taken a 2-0 advantage in their NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers after a 132-113 victory.

Kevin Durant was the star of the game as he netted 33 points in the game, Steph Curry was not far behind as he recorded 32 points alongside 11 assists and rebounds.

The Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t match the onslaught of the Warriors even though LeBron James was in great form as he netted a record 8th playoff triple-double.

Golden State Warriors who were led by Coach Steve Kerr took the game to the opponents from the get go as they went on to win their 14th straight NBA playoff games. Although they were behind by 3 points by halftime at their home turn Oracle, Arena, they fought back to hit a 35 point over the Cleveland Cavalier’s 24 in the third quarter.

This lead will definitely not get into the heads of the warrior’s players as they threw away a 3-1 lead last season, which gave the Cleveland Cavaliers their first NBA title.

Steve Kerr returns

The Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Steve Kerr has been out of the team’s dugout after suffering a relapse in his back following a surgery that he underwent in 2015.

He was replaced by Mike Brown, the assistant coach who did a great job in his absence as the went on to earn a four-game win over Portland, San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz on their way to the NBA finals.

Steve Kerr, 51, has been in charge of the team for more than four years now as he led the team to their 2015 NBA title before they threw away a 2-0 lead, which allowed the Cavaliers to claw back to win their first NBA title. And he will be hoping that doesn’t repeat itself.