Hackers Hit Trump Hotels


Its third data breach laws have affected the United States president Donald Trump’s hotel chain.

The security codes and card payment for reservations got entered at 14 properties when a third party, the central reservation system at Sabre Corp was violated.

The breach has hit other travel firms who are affiliated to Sabre

The data that were affected are emails, addresses, phone numbers and data of guest were also accessed.

The first illegal entry during the recent attack was during 10 August 2016, and it also happened on the 9th of March this year, the Trump Hotels revealed.

A Serie of breach

The Trump Hotels has not confirmed that a lot of clients were affected by the breach.

Two different breaches have also been made public by the hotel’s management since 2014.
Security expert Rik Ferguson, at Trend Micro, revealed that this was a common criminal tactic. “It was a common criminal strategy to go after small third parties when targeting client data at top ranked brands.”

“Thus, it’s the clients of Trump hotels that were mostly attacked.”

“Are you saying that the Trump’s chain is without disapproval?”
“Can’t really say, its part of your perseverance in carrying out activities to ensure all your supplier is of the same security level.”

Mr Ferguson further said that the lost data, plus personal information on clients, was delicate and that few identical caches were often exchanged in an underground territory.
“This also demonstrates the importance of learning from previous attacks, well this case here is different from past breached,” he told the reporters.

There are no indications that this attack is related to President Trump in any way.