Hamilton Dismisses Vettel Mercedes Move


Lewis Hamilton has debunked any chance of Sebastian Vettel teaming up with him at Mercedes next season.

Vettel is currently out of contract with Ferrari and there have no talks regarding a new contract even though the team have completed the re-signing of Kimi Raikkonen.

“I know for sure that he will not want to be on the same team with me. Because he won’t the kind of power he has at Ferrari.” This is related to the fact that Ferrari focused their effort on Vettel over Raikkonen.

Vettel was the winner of the last Grand Prix in Hungary even though he had a problem with his steering wheel as Raikkonen was asked not to challenge Vettel and protect him from Hamilton who was in the second spot.

We Are Different From Ferrari

This is a contrast to the trend in Mercedes where drivers are given the opportunity to compete against each other. Although, Bottas let Hamilton take his spot in Hungary but conceded his spot to Bottas when he could not catch up with Ferrari.

Vettel is currently ahead of Hamilton by a total of 14 points

Regarding Vettel’s future, Hamilton said: “It’s very highly unlikely that he’ll come here. But I am ready to race against anyone.”

He also revealed that Botta’s arrival has enhanced his career with Mercedes compared to when they had Nico Rosberg in the team.