How much is too much? The mother who buys 96 presents each for her children


Last Christmas, she caused a social media storm when she revealed she was buying her three children 87 presents each. Images showed her Christmas tree almost buried beneath a pile of gifts.

And, this time around Emma Tapping says she is spoiling her youngsters even more, with 96 presents each. She is buying the huge haul, even though she says that the children still have not played with or used many of the gifts they got last year.

Twenty eight year old Ms Tapping, who lives on Britain’s Isle of Man, received a huge backlash, with many people saying that she was spoiling her children. Some people even said she was “abusing” them by buying gifts costing £1,500.

Suitcases full of gifts

However, the mother said that she would still be spending a huge amount this year. She said she started buying presents for her children during the summer when she took a large suitcase to the shops with her so she could carry everything back home.

This year, she has bought Mia, Ella and Tatum even more gifts than in previous years, as well as purchasing presents for her other half, James. Ms Tapping, who runs a holiday cottage business, said it was all for the moments when she saw her children’s faces as they opened up their gifts on Christmas morning.

Ms Tapping ended up making headlines around the world, dividing opinion over how many presents were too many. She said she was upset when she first received criticism and said she felt she had to justify herself, but she no longer cares what other people think. According to recent research, the average spend on Christas is £868. A study carried out for debit card Switch found that people planned to spend less on Christmas gifts, but more on food, drink and festive decorations.