How to prevent the hepatitis A


A doctor has detailed how San Diegans can prevent themselves from catching the virus that went viral, Hepatitis A. The outbreak killed 16 and left about 420 infected, causing the Board of Supervisors to announce a public health emergency.

The Hepatitis outbreak began among the homeless masses of the city but is now getting to other residents of the community.

Preventive ideas for those who can’t get vaccinated

An infectious disease doctor, Dr. Fadi Haddad advocated vaccination for those who can get but advised those who cannot afford it to follow simple preventive measures to protect themselves. Dr. Haddad said the hepatitis virus could last long on the surfaces and advocate frequent washing of hands particularly after making use of the restroom or the public transport.

Dr. Haddad added that humans touch their faces often, handle mobile devices and put them on the tables of restaurants. It’s important to be more aware of our activities to prevent getting g infected with the virus.

Hepatitis A is not much a threat to the human life but can cause death in the aged or those with severe health conditions like liver problems. Dr. Haddad that the ailment is self-limiting, meaning that once you suffer the disease, you’ll not contract it again, and the infection doesn’t last a lifetime.

Presently, there is no absolute treatment or cure of the disease and can last for weeks in the human body when contracted. It often comes with symptoms like nausea, dark urine, and abdominal pain, yellowing of the skin, light stool and colored eyes.