Hurricane Maria to affect Irma-destroyed regions as Category 5 storm


Hurricane Maria was classified as Category 5 storm during the late hours of Monday, with the winds going high up to 160mph and focused towards Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico still finding its grounds after the Hurricane Irma.

The White House announced a state of emergency on the US commonwealth, enforcing the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to organize disaster relief programs. Residents of the Caribbean Island who were affected by the Irma were advised to flee their homes and look for shelter.

Life’s worth more than properties

According to the National Hurricane Center, the Maria could pack 155 mph winds when it gets to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands late Tuesday. Gov. Kenneth Mapp stated at a press conference on Monday. If one’s alive and well, it’s easy to rebuild. As such, don’t try to hold onto your property when you should run for your life.

Tenants of the heavily destroyed Tutu High Rise community on St. Thomas, where a woman died due to the Irma, was mandatorily evacuated on Monday. Pictures of the building show displaced debris and blown out windows littered on the floors.

Mapp informed residents of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix to round off their storm preparations by late Monday, before the curfew that begins on Tuesday at 10 a.m. He added that this would most probably be the final even this year. Residents will begin to witness tropical-storm winds on St. Croix, and there would be an extended night.

Many ferries dispatched to convey evacuees to Puerto Rico, which are expected to be hit heavily by the storm.
Speaking of the development, Teri Hogg, 43, a St. John resident told USA Toda that she’s still in shock that she’s leaving, as she heads for Puerto Rico in a boat.

The Hurricane Maria

Maria which happened with winds of 130 mph on Monday is expected to move south of the Virgin Islands on Tuesday, causing a life-threatening storm surge that goes up to nine feet, and causing about 20 inches of rain in some places.
Maria is envisaged to move just over Puerto Rico, where the governor has announced as a state of emergency. Since 1932, a Category 4 hurricane has never been recorded on the Island. Ricardo Rossello, Puerto Rican governor, said the government wants to let the people of Puerto Rico know that the coming event has never been witnessed, stressing that it’s time to leave the place and seek refuge elsewhere, possibly a state shelter.

Hector Pesquera, the Public Security Secretary, said Flood-prone areas should be left; else, there may be deaths.