I didn’t know what I was doing, says addict who plied four year old with drugs so he could sleep with her mother


A druggie who stands accused of giving a four year old girl drugs which ultimately killed her says he was too out of it it know what he was doing.

John Rytting, 40, has told a jury that he was “off his nut” and can’t recall spiking little Poppy Widdison with drugs. A jury has heard that Rytting and his girlfriend Michala Pyke, 37, gave her daughter a cocktail of ketamine, methadone and diazepam so she would not disturb them while they slept together.

Post mortem examinations failed to conclude a cause of death but the little girl lived in squalid conditions where drugs were present, the court was told. When police officers carried out a raid on Rytting’s squalid flat at his house in Lincolnshire, they found drugs next to the sofa, which is where Poppy slept. There were also 1,000 tablets in blister packs scattered around the house.

Denying charges

The couple deny charges of cruelty and of causing unnecessary suffering. They are accused of encouraging little Poppy to consume drugs as well as assaulting her, leaving her with bruises. They have, however, both admitted that they left Poppy in a home where drugs were rife and Pyke has admitted committing emotion abuse against the child. Both deny possessing drugs with the intent of supplying them, although Rytting does admit he was involved in supplying Diazepam and Temazepam.

Rytting, who says he started taking drugs at the age of 13, told a jury sitting at Hull Crown Court that he was addicted to heroin, had been taking a combination of other tablets, and had no idea what his actions were.

He said: “I cannot say anything 100 percent about that time. I was taking a lot of drugs at the time. I was off my nut. I was out of my face obviously because of the temazepam and diazepam.”