I Would have Banned Vettel, Former Formula One Boss Reacts


Former Formula One boss, Max Mosley, has tagged the driving of Sebastian Vettel at the Azerbaijan GP as “disgraceful” and further stated that he should have been taken off the race.

Vettel clashed with Lewis Hamilton’s twice just behind the Safety Car and swerved dangerously in front of the Mercedes driver just minutes after the first incident.

Vettel, who is currently the leading driver in the Championship was issued a 10-second stop and go penalty and also issued three penalty points by the race stewards on his super license. While the FIA revealed that they would be investigating the incident further to decide if they need to take further actions.

Mosley in his assessment stated that they should have issued more punishment on Vettel by banning from the race.
“I don’t want to make friends with the folks at Ferrari but I need to say it the way it is.”
“If I was in charge I would have taken him out of the race. Then forward the case to the World Council to decide.”

“His driving was done in bad taste and it is surprising that he acted that way.”
“If he did what he did here on the road, he will definitely lose his license.”

Clash of the drivers

In spite of the penalty that was imposed on Vettel, he still finished ahead of Hamilton in fourth place as he extended his lead to 14 more points as Lewis Hamilton was compelled to spend some time at an extra pit stop to fix the heavy damage on his car.

The incident also led to a war of words between the pair as Lewis Hamilton blasted Vettel in the media after the incident, while Vettel returned the favour with some harsh words of his own.